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  • A Question about Luxury Resorts in Spain

    Please use our search facility if you have any questions about the luxury resorts in Spain we currently offer. We added this frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice for your holiday to Roda Resort.

    If you have a question that is not covered in this section please feel free to contact us by email and we will respond very quickly and will add your question and answer to this section of our website to help other clients.

  • Almeria Tourist Information Offices

    Almeria Tourist information offices

    Address: Parque Nicolas Salmeron s/n. (Esquina Martinez Campos)
    Tel: 950 175 220. Fax: 950 175 221

    Address: C/Glorieta, 1.
    Tel: 950 615 025. Fax: 950 615 163

  • Credit Cards in Spain

    During your luxury spanish resort holiday in Spain you may participate in many facilities and services that require payment. If needed you can use your credit card whilst in Spain at the current exhange rate. We recommend that you contact your bank prior to the use of your credit or debit card incase they believe your card to be cloned, lost or stolen.

    Please note that if you need to visit a bank whilst staying at one of our luxury resorts we offer, they will be able to help assist in foreign currency exhange, the current exchange rates and any other queries you may have.

  • Currency in Spain

    The currency used in Spain is the Euro. With most of Europe now using the Euro, you should be familiar with the currency, including the exhange rate.

    If you require Euros we recommend you exchange currency prior to your holiday departure to Spain. Local towns have several cashpoint machines located in and around the town centre. They will allow you to use your existing bank card to withdraw Euros charged at the current exchange rate shown. If however you need to visit a bank you may do so from the many banks local to the area.

  • Driving on Holiday in Spain

    Whilst on holiday at a luxury Spanish resort you may wish to drive. The following information is a summary of Spanish traffic regulations intended for guidance use. Clarification, confirmation and further information on these or any other aspects of traffic laws must be sought from the Spanish traffic authorities at the address below.

    Subdirección General de Normativa. Josefa Valcarcel 28 28071 Madrid; Tel. (0034 91) 714 3211 /06/08/16, Fax.(0034 91) 7143214

    British citizens NOT in possession of a licence that conforms to the EU three part printed pink document will require an international driving licence when driving in Spain. Non British citizens need to contact the Spanish Consulate in London for advice on driving licences. No person under 14 may ride a motorcycle. 14 year olds may ride motorcycles up to 50cc (or 45 kms maximum). 16 is the minimum age to ride machines 50 to 125 cc and 18 for over 125cc. A permit is required in all cases.

    It is required that drivers carry two warning triangles, a complete set of spare bulbs, fuses and spare wheel as well as the appropriate tools to replace them. Drivers requiring glasses need to carry a spare pair at all times when driving. As for fuel, whilst it is against the law to carry spare fuel, drivers would be made responsible, and fined accordingly, should their cars be immobilised on the road for shortage of petrol. All drivers are required to wear a reflecting jacket of high visibility when getting off their vehicle in intercity roads.

  • Driving on Holiday in Spain - Speed Limits

    SPEED LIMITS (for cars and motorbikes).

    •Motorways: 120 kms/hour (90 or 80 for motor caravans and vehicles with trailer, depending on the weight of this).

    •Dual carriage roads or with overtaking lanes: 100 Kms/h (80 for motor caravans and vehicles with trailers).

    •Other roads outside built-up areas: 90 Kms/h (70 for motor caravans and vehicles with trailer).

    •Towns and built-up areas: 50 Kms/h.

    Failure to comply is considered a serious offence

  • Electrical appliances and travel adapters

    The voltage in Spain is 220 or 225AC. The plugs are two pin so if travelling from the UK, travel adapters may be required during your stay.

  • Emergency telephone number in Spain

    The emergency phone number is 11. This is a free to all in the entire Spanish territory.

  • Information on driving within Spain

    Whilst staying at one of our luxury Spanish resorts offered you may wish to partake in car hire. You will need to be aware and follow the following road safety regulations:

    Talking on a mobile phone is prohibited while driving, unless you use a hands-free system.

    Car radios and mobile phones must be switched off while re-fuelling.

    Children under 3 years must be strapped into a suitable seat for their weight and height.

    A reflective jacket must be used when getting out of the car on the road or the hard shoulder.

    Warning triangles must be deployed if the vehicle has stopped on the road or hard shoulder.

    Established speed limits must be obeyed: 120 km/h on motorways, 100 km/h on main roads, 90 km/h on other roads and 50 km/h in urban areas.

    Alcohol levels must not exceed 0.5 g/l in the bloodstream (0.25 mg/l in exhaled air).

    Seatbelts must be worn by driver and all passengers, in front and back seats.

    Helmets must be worn on motorbikes, mopeds and bicycles.

    There are two types of fuel available at petrol stations: diesel and unleaded petrol (95 and 98 octane).

  • Malaga Tourist Information Offices

    Malaga Tourist information offices

    Address: Avda/ de Cervantes, 1 Paseo del Parque
    Tel: 952 134 730 / 952 134 734. Fax: 952 214 120

    Address: Avda. Antonio Machado, 10.
    Tel: 952 442 494. Fax: 952 440 675

    Address: Avda. S. Lorenzo, 1.
    Tel: 952 802 002. Fax: 952 792 181

    Address: Paseo Jesus Santos Rein 6.
    Tel: 952 467 457. Fax: 952 465 100

    Address: Plaza Virgen de la Pena, s/n.
    Tel: 952 589 034. Fax: 952 589 035

    Address: C/Carmen.
    email: /
    Tel: 952 521 531. Fax: 952 526 287

    Address: Plaza de Espana, 9.
    Tel: 952 871 272. Fax: 952 169 314

    Address: Plaza Blas Infante, 1.
    Tel: 952 379 512. Fax: 952 379 551

  • Public holidays in Spain

    Whilst on holiday at one of our luxury resort holidays in Spain, you may wish to know the national public holidays.

    Janurary: 1st and 6th
    Apri: 2nd (Good Friday)
    May: 1st
    August: 15th
    October: 12th
    November: 1st
    December: 6th, 8th and 25th

  • Special Offers at Luxury Spanish Resorts

    For the current up to date details on special offers available, we ask our customers to sign up to our regular newsletter. You will be informed of any special deals we are promoting to guarantee you receive the best holiday at the best prices.

    To sign up to our regular newsletter for special offers at all luxury Spanish resorts we offer in the South East Mediterranean region, simply enter your email address into the text box under the banner featured on every page. When we have new special offers they will be added into our newsletter and automatically sent out to you.

  • Telephone Number to contact us

    For booking information and general enquiries please contact us via phone or fax:

    Phone: 0800 093 2792 from the UK, Phone: +44 1621 890094 from outside the UK

  • Telephone service in Spain

    Whilst in spain on one of our luxury resort holidays you may wish to make a telephone call. To call the UK direct from Spain dial 00 44 before the local UK telephone code. Please check the telephone rates with your network provider prior. If you are making a telephone call from a phone box in Spain, the instructions are clearly shown.

  • What are the check in and out times for La Cala Resort Hotel

    The check in / out times for La Cala Resort Hotel are as follows:

    Check In Time: 3 pm. Check Out Time: 12 Noon

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